Slot Planter Wooden Seed Trays and Planters with 25 Year Timber Guarantee

Slot Planter - Wooden Planters used as window box and herb planters

Slot Planter - Wooden Seed Trays & Planters - 25 Year Timber Guarantee

Slot Planter® is an innovative alternative to plastic plant pots and plastic seed trays made from MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME, an extremely durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly wood panel product with a 25 year timber guarantee. The Slot Planter with its interlocking panel design can be shipped Flat Packed, Slot it together and it's ready for use. NEW: Slot Planter® - Wooden Herb Planters

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Slot Planter - Helping reduce the use of plastics in the garden

The new environmentally friendly Slot Planter design makes an ideal replacement for plastic plant pots, helping reduce the use of plastics in the garden. The Slot Planter design makes use of a modern high performance wood panel product together with an innovative construction and assembly process that allows flat pack shipping and a simple assembly process, that slots together and requires no mechanical fixings, screws or adhesive glues.

Slot Planter - Flat Pack Design

The flat pack design, with reduced materials and efficient manufacturing process add to the environmental credentials, together with using a premium environmentally friendly timber board product with a 25 year guarantee against rot or decay ensures a durable product with a long life cycle.

Slot Planter used as window box with Narcisi and Crocus Spring Bulb Flowers

Slot Planter® seed tray planted with spring bulbs

Herb Planter - Slot Planter with selection of herbs

Herb Planter - Slot Planter with selection of herbs

Slot Planter used as window box with spring bulb flowers

Window Box - Slot Planter with spring bulbs

Slot Planter Wooden Seed Tray displayed with packets of tomato seeds

Slot Planter Seed Tray 40cm x 26cm x 10cm

The Slot Planter has been developed by Colin & Kay Thompson trading as "Wooden Garden Obelisk", a garden product manufacturing business based at Tuddenham Hall Estate, near Ipswich in Suffolk. The Slot Planter design was first conceived in 2016, and has now been design registered together with Patent Pending applications made through the Intellectual Property Office.

Slot Planter® is a registered trademark owned by Colin & Kay Thompson

Slot Planter
is protected by Registered Designs 6026277 and 6033257

Slot Planter
innovative method of construction and assembly has a Patent Pending

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